“Having perfect data accuracy helps you sell more to your existing customers, attract new ones, and support all customers and prospects,” Schelhaas said. “When you can speak confidently about your inventory and about order status, you can ultimately deliver more value to your customers.

“Before the Magento integration, many organizations were relying on slow, tedious imports that were incredibly error-prone. Imagine doubling your sales online and then realizing you need to import everything manually. You succeeded, but it’s going to be painful! Our Magento integration lets you celebrate the success and leaves the pain to systems. No more manually importing orders.”

Who needs a Magento integration?

Distributors should consider the Magento integration if they:

  • Struggle with inventory accuracy and timeliness
  • Waste too much time on syncing sales data
  • Lack visibility into sales and order history 

What are the benefits?

Integrating SalesPad and Magento enhances your selling platforms and makes them easier to navigate. Additional benefits include:

  • Integrating with a full-service distribution management solution
  • No hassle for switching software, transferring data
  • Removal of manual tracking sales and inventory counts
  • Savings in time and money

How can I learn more?

For more information on how Magento integrates with Cavallo to expand your online sales, read our e-commerce fact sheet or watch our demo video.