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7 Ways to Focus the Power of Dynamics GP

Getting the Most out of Your ERP

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform for organizing business processes, whether those processes are part of finance, HR, manufacturing, IT, or myriad other departments in an organization. 

But that broad applicability comes with limits. The reality is Dynamics GP is too monolithic to function as an end-all, be-all software for business owners. This blog post will walk you through considerations for your existing Dynamics GP environment, helping you consider the question: How do I extend the functionality of my GP implementation? 

Take inspiration from real Cavallo customers who achieved efficiencies and unlocked profits by bulking up their GP foundation.   

Dynamics GP Limit 1: Outdated user interface

Ask yourself: 

  1. How long does it take to navigate your system to complete an order?
  2. How many clicks does it take to perform one task?
  3. How long does it take a new employee to learn the system?

Solution: Cavallo’s on-prem integration offers a user-friendly interface that refines your GP experience with easy access to your data and full control over your operations. No more struggling with limited inventory visibility or clicking through endless screens. 

Real-life lesson: Dental City makes use of Cavallo’s straightforward interface, paired with a barcode scanner, to expedite its order-entry process while ensuring accuracy. Streamlined screens offer immediate insights into a given customer’s historical data, helping the Dental City team replicate past orders without having to dig through mountains of transactions. 

These efficiency improvements — and the opportunity to provide more personalized customer service — mean faster order processing and stronger relationships with customers. These two major improvements yielded a 3% increase in the company’s gross margin within two months of implementing Cavallo solutions. 

Dynamics GP Limit 2: Lack of workflow capabilities

Ask yourself:

  1. Are your current workflows configurable to your business?
  2. Do the workflows within your ERP offer specific distribution functionality?
  3. Are there any workflows you would like to see defined that your current system does not offer?

Solution: Cavallo’s Workflow & Profit Manager modules are built to boost gross margin by letting users manage order-level pricing and profitably at scale. This process-mapping tool creates customizable, automated, and repeatable paths for order fulfillment, no matter the complexity.

Real-life lesson: Bon Chef gained the flexibility to continue using its existing warehouse management system — a must-have for its assembly and distribution process. With Cavallo and Dynamics GP, Bon Chef gained a friendly UI that streamlined its entire order-entry process. The result: time savings and increased visibility into order status.

Dynamics GP Limit 3: GP doesn’t communicate with other systems

Ask yourself:

  1. Is communication seamless between GP and your other applications?
  2. Are cross-system processes automated and trackable? 
  3. Does inter-system communication require manual processes?

Solution: Cavallo’s extensive integrations with top industry partners enhance your order-to-cash cycle with expansive reporting and operational visibility that would be impossible with GP alone. Get connected to the best applications the ERP world has to offer, including:

Real-life lesson: With Cavallo’s Shipping integration, The Handi-Craft Company brought its shipping and order-processing solutions under one roof. Handi-Craft’s fulfillment staff can now generate a label for an order with a simple scan, and customers can access tracking information the moment that label is generated.  

Dynamics GP Limit 4: Lack of inventory control and storage functionality

Ask yourself:

  1. How does your current system handle warehousing, inventory tracking, and replenishment?
  2. Can you access up-to-date and reliable inventory counts whenever needed? 
  3. Does your system support barcode scanning and auto-replenishment?

Solution: Use Cavallo to create a reliable database of inventory data to track inventory counts, transaction totals, and reordering schedules. Empower your management to track fluctuating demand and make data-backed business decisions with confidence.

Real-life lesson: Since familiarizing itself with the powers of Cavallo, Chadwell Supply’s direct visibility into the movements of its inventory allows it not just to plan, but to predict. Using the automated, easily repeatable powers of Workflow & Profit Manager, Chadwell’s team can account for every element needed to carry out customized projects for customers. 

This foresighted allotment means Chadwell can anticipate what’s needed, what’s available, and how far in advance it needs to generate new inventory in order to keep up with demand. The system automatically adjusts order purchase quantities based on regular quotes generated through workflow. 

Dynamics GP Limit 5: GP support can be expensive

Ask yourself:

  1. What type of support does GP offer?
  2. Do you believe you receive good value for the cost of the support?

Solution: The Cavallo support team comprises distribution software experts, dedicated to resolving your requests in less than two days and without putting strain on you or your operations. Work with a support team with a Net Promoter Score of 95 and over 6,000 successful resolutions under their belt. 

Real-life lesson: Cavallo’s support team proved especially helpful for National Band Saw — its highly customized processes meant that most employees were using the solution in completely different ways. Through training and pro tips on customizing UI layouts and excavating historical company data, each user is now able to maximize their particular role with confidence and efficiency. 

Dynamics GP Limit 6: Reporting tools often require consulting expertise

Ask yourself:

  1. Are you looking for reports beyond GP’s preconfigured offerings? 
  2. How easy is it to create a new report?
  3. Do you have robust or customizable reporting capabilities?  

Solution: Easily generate reports based on the information you need to see using Cavallo’s reporting tools. Track trends in demand and access historical data at every level, from a comprehensive dashboard to detailed, customizable views.

Real-life lesson: Picnic Time Family of Brands’ management team leverages Cavallo technology to check in on the health of the company, both at the granular and global level. Users can customize their view and easily keep tabs on small details like order tracking, A/R and A/P issues just as quickly as accessing high-level dashboards, without the need for an expensive and time-consuming customization project.

Dynamics GP Limit 7: Sales and order entry take too long and require too many steps

Ask yourself:

  1. How does GP handle order processing for your business?
  2. How quickly can you process an order?
  3. How many orders a day are you processing with GP?

Solution: With Sales Monitor, users can easily access inventory info across the organization. CSRs can see customer information, relevant inventory availability, shipping information, and A/R balances – all in far fewer screens, clicks, and time than in a non-Cavallo world.

Real-life lesson: The order fulfillment team at The Handi-Craft Company starts its day with Sales Monitor. The high-level overview of the day’s shipments allows the team to prioritize its tasks. One employee can fulfill up to 150 orders in a day. Users appreciate the visibility Sales Monitor provides into their daily tasks, which increases efficiency and offers peace of mind.

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