Customer Insights at Their Fingertips

Suzanne Amstutz really likes the customer lookup feature in SalesPad. That instant access to a customer’s transaction history, open sales orders, and other pertinent data has proven invaluable to Ohio Power Tool. Being able to locate related documents quickly for a customer, such as returns associated with an invoice, is another feature that Ohio Power Tool finds very useful as it works to provide the best customer experience possible.

“We have so many different kinds of interactions with our customers,” Suzanne said. “Phone orders, web orders, follow-ups…and everything we need is right there.”

Smoother Warehouse Operations

Before SalesPad, Ohio Power Tool was managing inventory the “old-school way.”

“We’d just put it on the shelf,” Jay said, “and [when we needed it], it would just be there — hopefully. But, of course, it doesn’t always work out that way. Just finding stuff was often a big challenge for us.”

Since implementing SalesPad and pairing it with Inventory Manager, Cavallo’s native barcoding solution, the warehouse at Ohio Power Tool has been given a new lease on life. Tracking inventory has never been easier, and by using features such as multi-bin locations within the warehouse, finding the exact tool or part they need is simple for the warehouse staff.

Inventory Manager has also simplified maintaining accuracy against sales orders. Each order bears a barcode on it, so fulfillment is much more efficient; every warehouse employee knows exactly what inventory is associated with every order simply by scanning the barcode. There’s no fuss or confusion. Orders are picked, packed, and shipped more efficiently.

Flexible Workflows for Every Situation

“We needed different processes for each of our company’s services,” Jay said. “For example, a rental requires a completely different type of transaction from something coming in for warranty work, which are both completely different from a standard online transaction. We needed a solution that could handle all of that.”

Before implementing SalesPad, processing such a variety of tasks required using multiple software applications, took much longer, and was much more complicated for the CSRs handling the transaction. Missing a step when entering information in Ohio Power Tool’s separate payment-processing software could potentially derail the entire transaction — all with a customer waiting on the phone.

By consolidating payment processing and other services into one order-to-cash solution and leveraging SalesPad’s workflow functionality, Ohio Power Tool was able to streamline its order processing.

Suzanne agrees. “SalesPad has helped us a lot with streamlining processes, and with ease of use. It helps our staff access the data they need more quickly. It just makes everything so much easier.”