Profit Analytics™ for Business Central

Your ERP data becomes a strategic asset with the actionable, profit-driven insights of Profit Analytics™, a revolutionary new margin analysis tool.

Turn Data into Dollars

Mid-market, product-centric companies deal with data from tens of thousands of orders, customers, and items. It’s nearly impossible to tap into that massive volume of information to understand margin performance, identify risks, and rectify issues.  

Profit Analytics™ is a unique margin analysis tool designed for distributors to determine why margin leakage is occurring, easily identify profit trends buried in their historical data, and pinpoint which customers are at risk of churning so they can take corrective action immediately.

  • Clearly identify your margin drivers and profit drains
  • Instantly locate the information that matters most in the vast sea of ERP data
  • Discover the “why” behind your margin leakage 
  • Gain critical profit-saving insights

Equipped with pre-built data visualizations out of the box, Profit Analytics doesn’t require extensive resources and a highly specialized team to interpret your data. Users instantly surface critical margin issues and their root causes for a fraction of the time and money required by similar analytics solutions.

We’re experts in the science of profit. So we built a solution designed to put our customers in the driver’s seat of their profit potential. With Profit Analytics, users are in total command of their valuable margin data and bring critical profit-driven insights into focus.

Cavallo Profit Analysis

Expand your BC toolkit
Combine Profit Analytics with Mission Control and Profit Scan. Department leaders, sales representatives, and CSRs will gain end-to-end visibility into order, customer, and margin data.

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Who makes Profit Analytics?
At Cavallo, we’re obsessed with one thing: Making our customers’ businesses as profitable and efficient as possible. After working with distributors for several decades, we’ve seen them struggle to sift through large amounts of customer and order data to identify the root cause of their margin issues, so we designed Profit Analytics to help them meet their full margin potential.

Is Profit Analytics difficult to use once it’s been implemented?
Profit Analytics is equipped with pre-built data visualizations that allow for immediate value out of the box, so you won’t have to worry about hiring a specialized team to build complex configurations for you.

Do you offer Profit Analytics for platforms besides Business Central?
Profit Analytics is currently available for both Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics GP. In the future, we plan to integrate with additional ERPs as well. 


We’re a very analytical company. We love data, and it’s at the heart of every part of our business. Cavallo gave us everything we wanted to see.